Why to hire someone to take your family pictures?

I hear you: You have a wonderful camera/phone. You are a pro as a photographer, because you watched thousands of youtube videos, and you know how to take good pictures. Everyone ask YOU for a picture, including random people on the street. You LOOOOVE to take pictures. You chase your kids with the camera and have no more empty walls to hang pictures. Why in the world would you hire a photographer then?

...Well. Let me start with: Are you in ANY of those pictures? and if you are: Is the picture a good photography? Chances are that you passed the camera to your husband/nephew/neighbor and they didn't know how to use the camera, and you look HORRIBLE since you stressed out because you are NOT behind the viewfinder.

When you hire a professional photographer, you are the star. Your will have peace in mind that the result will be over the top. They have the skills, the equipment, and the patience to gather every member of your family (kids, grown-ups, and grandma too!) and make them pose for a beautiful, candid, memorable picture.

When you hire a professional photographer, you get not just his/her expertice, but also his/her time after the photo session, when he/she will work on every single photo cropping, retouching, editing and making sure you'll get the best for your time, money and trust you gave him/her.

And also, when you hire a professional photographer, you are letting him/her know that you appreciate all the effort he/she put on his/her career. A photographer is someone who devoted his life to improve his passion and offer it to you. When you hire a photographer you are buying local, and thanking him/her for extend all the hard work and passion to you, so you can have an amazing photo of you and your family.

Buy local. Hire a photographer. Enjoy your photo session.

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