How to take candid photos of your kids

How frustrating is it to see those pictures you took of your kids and discovered that they are posing with that "say-cheese" face in all of them!

Here are some tips of how to take natural, beautiful candid photos, that you can treasure all your life.

1.- ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA WITH YOU. DUH! but I know someone out there *cough cough..never-happened-to-me ... *cough, cough* that had run to grab her camera when she saw their kids "having-a-great-moment", just to get there when the moment had passed.

You see a great shot on your camera, and believe me, there's nothing more boring than listening to someone else say, "I saw this great shot but I didn't have my camera." It's like, really? Why didn't you have your camera? The best camera is that one you carry with you. So carry a camera, either a phone camera, a point and shoot, or something larger because having a camera with you is going to let you practice and sharpen your skills.

2.- GET DOWN TO THE CHILD'S LEVEL. So often we grownups just take pictures from our height, which is way above that of most children. If you're not crawling around on the ground, you're too high! While you're at it crawling around on the floor, get in closer rather than cropping for a more dramatic shot.

3.- FOCUS ON THE EYES. Usually, the problem is that we are not as exact in our focusing as we should be. We often find that we did not put the focus point on the subject’s eye, and instead had the camera focus on the subject’s shoulder, nose, forehead, etc. This is especially common with photographers who have not yet learned how to manually move the focus point that the camera is using. Starting with focus on the eyes is that important because we learn so much about how our subjects are feeling by the look in their eyes.

4.- GO FOR EMOTIONS, NOT PERFECTION. Sometimes people ruin the photographs trying to achieve “perfection”. On the other hand, you need to make your kids’ pictures convey emotions and think in terms of what you want them to say. If you will keep on waiting for everything to be super perfect, you will just lose the essence of what is going on around you and will not be able to capture nature in its purest form that is kids laughing and giggling.

5.- HAVE FUN!. This the most important rule of all. If you don't have fun, your pictures will be boring! Engage in the kid's moment, have fun taking hundreds of pictures. if everyone is having fun photos will create long lasting pleasant memories of the shooting day.

Let us know what you think. What’s your best or worst experience photographing kids?

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